Benefits of Sheepskin Slippers

When you venture out to buy slippers, you may not think about the benefits of one material over another. Most people tend to buy their slippers based on warmth and design. There are some other things to consider before you make your purchase. This is especially true when sheepskin is an option. Here are a few of the benefits of sheepskin slippers and why you should consider sheepskin material over others you may have available to you.

Provides Breathable Fabric

One of the leading benefits of sheepskin slippers is their breathability. If you have an issue with athletes foot or with other related foot issues, then breathability is vital to your foot health. You may also find that your feet will sweat when you wear other materials, including cotton. This issue is reduced greatly with the use of sheepskin slippers. If you are in a variable climate, for example, the house may be cold in some areas and warm in others, then the sheepskin may be the ideal option for comfort and your foot health.

Wicks Away Moisture

If your feet do begin to sweat inside of the sheepskin slippers, then you want a material that will wick way the moisture. If your feet are exposed to heat and moisture blisters can occur. These blisters and heat can also lead to bacteria on your feet and between your toes. This can be avoided with sheepskin. The material wicks away the moisture and keeps your feet dryer than other slippers with similar designs and materials. This is also vital if you have issues with foot odor due to sweat and moisture. You can reduce the odor as well simply by using the sheepskin material option.

Works with Your Feet

When you buy certain materials for your slippers, the slippers may start out rigid and stay that way. This is fine if you are looking for slipper boots that go to mid-calf or higher where stiffness is something you need. However, when you are going for a traditional slipper or half boot slipper, you want the slipper to conform and work with your feet. This happens when you use sheepskin slippers. The sheepskin is durable, and even under pressure from moisture absorption, the slippers still conform to your feet. This gives you an ideal fit that is comfortable over the long term life of the slippers.

These are just a few of the benefits to using sheepskin slippers. If you are ready to move forward with a sheepskin purchase, contact your local slipper dealer. They can help with pricing, colours and design.