The Pleasure of Pain: 2 Sex Toys You Should Try Today

Our bodies react instantly to painful stimuli. If you touch something that is hot or sharp, or if you have a stone stuck in the bottom of your shoe, the nerves inside your body will send electrical signals to your brain which result in pain. Most people want to avoid pain as much as they can. However, under the right circumstances, a little pain can actually be very pleasurable, particularly in the bedroom. Read More 

Use Point Of Sale Systems To Increase Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line

If you are using the point of sale system in your food business simply for accepting payments, then you are not making the most of this type of machinery. There are numerous features that your point of sale system has that could work to increase your restaurant's profits. From meticulously tracking all the inventory of your business to accurately managing your employees' schedules, point of sale systems can be optimised to make the most of your sales. Read More